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Q:  What kind of drawing format is acceptable?

A:  PDF, JPG, STEP, STL, IGS, DWG Format etc


Q: What to be cleary indicated when I send you drawing?

A:You are kinldy requested to let us know the raw material, finish and quantity at least.


Q: How large is your facility?

A: Our plant covers over 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space, over 180 highly and experienced employees located in ChangAn Town of DongGuan City in industrial capital of China. 


Q: Do you have multiple plants? Where?

A: Yes, we have five plants, all the plant located in a close distance, it takes within 10 miunutes from headquater to each plant. If you project is up against a deadline, we can put your project on the right machines, and the right plants with profession expertise to provide you with quality product. 


Q: Do you do short runs or prototype machining?

A: Yes, we run the quantity FROM 1 TO 10,000+ PARTS.


Q: Are you flexible and scalable to serve booth short-term peaks and long-term business needs?

A:We serve booth short-term peaks and long-term business needs. 


Q: What size of a part can usually run?

A: Lathe machines can run parts up to 300mm in diameter and parts up to 1500mm long. Milling machines can run parts up to 400mm in diameter and parts up to 1200mm long. 


Q: What if we are not completely satisfied with the parts we received?

A: We will replace free of charge any parts or components that you are not satisfied with. We stand behind every part we provide. If we make a mistake, we will make it right with you. 


Q: Do you manage finishing processes? 

A: Yes, We do Pssivation, Anodize, Electroless Nickel Plating, Engraving etc.


Q: What is your commonly used raw materials?

A: There are stainless steel, carbon steel, tool steel, alloy steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass etc, please refer to our commonly used raw material

Stainless Steel      17-4PH/301/303/ 304/ 304L / 316 / 316L/ 321/430 / 434/416/ 420 / 440A/404C /15-5


Q: Do you provide certs for materials?

A:  We provide certifiaction for the materials we used with ROHS compliant. Goldstar uses only proven suppliers who can meet standards of quality. 


Q: Wha is your average lead-time for High Mix Low Volume Orders?

A: It takes 10 days for High Mix Low volume orders( Usually over 100 blueprints).


Q: What is your frequently used payment term?

A: T/T, Western Union 


Q: Do you offer proactive monitoring and reporting services that can alert as to potential failures?  

A: We have various taypes of inspection to assure quality, 1, IN-PROCESS INSPECTION; 2, OUTSIDE PROCESSING; 3,FINAL INSPECTION; 4, DOCK AUDITS

If it is out of specification part was received by the customer, QC will investigate the results and root cause of the defect part, the results of their investigation shall be documented on the C.C.A.R form along with a recommendation of corrective action to prevent reoccureence. The report shall be forwarded to the plant manager for concurrence and then distributed to all of the involved departments for implemention.  A written report detailing cause and Corrected Action shall be forwarded to appropriate customer contact.


Q: What is your procedure for returning defective product? 

A: If the part cost is lower than the shipping cost, we will remake the part and ship it to you ASAP, the expenses of the shipping cost fell on us.  If the defective part can be repaired or modified, we would like the part ship to us using our FedEx or DHL express account. Being integrity and honesty is our busines rule, if there are out of specification parts, we stand behind every part we provide, if we make a mistake, will make it right with you. 


Q: Do you have the technology leadership to exploit new innovations?

A:  We have 2 engineers specializing in process optimization and improve efficiency.