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Who Are You Guys?

The Founders

Goldstar precision machining was built by 3 guys who thought they could build a better form builder. Mr. Jin and Mr.Lee are brothers and Mr.Piao is a good friend of theirs. They were born and raised in Heilongjiang province, in the Northeast of China. Mr.Jin, Mr. Le and Mr.Piao are ethnic Korean.  Mr.Jin is strong skills in management, manufacturing, job scheduling, process improvement, strategic planning, capital investing.

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   President         Managing Director     Sales Director    Sales Manager    QA Manager    Engineering Manager   Director of cost accounting

       Mr.Jin                  Mr.Piao                      Mr.Lee                  Jocelyn.cai           Mr.Lin                Mr.Liu                     Mr.Tan

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Director of Tokoy office Director of Osaka office Headquater plant leader  First plant leader  Second plant leader  Third plant leader  Sixth plant leader

 Mr.Nishimura        Mr.Mizuno                         Mr.Tang                  Mr.Kang             Mr.Zhang              Mr.Lee                 Mr.Wong

Mr.Nishimura and Mr. Mizuno are Japanese who joined us in 2014. With the increase of business in Japan, we opened 2 offices in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan, more offices will be included more. 

Jocelyn.cai, Sales manager of Goldstar Precision Machining, graduated from English major with a focus on International Trade. She has advanced understanding of Western business culture, bringing her passion and sense of responsibility to every task. She will be your dedicated liaison at GOLDSTAR PRECISION MACHINING and will manage your project until the product is delivered. She will do her utmost to see your designs become reality.

We are ready to help you, give a call to Jocelyn +86 769 81627193 or E-Mail to